PowerMyLearning Honors Student, Family & Teacher at 2022 Innovative Learning Awards

Award recipients from Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School honored for supporting student outcomes through perseverance and family collaboration

PowerMyLearning, a K-12 nonprofit that unlocks the power of collaboration between families, teachers and students, recognized Brooklyn Landmark Elementary for exemplary resilience throughout the pandemic. At the nonprofit’s Innovative Learning Awards on Tuesday, May 10, a student-family-teacher “trio” was honored with the Triangle Award for demonstrating how teachers and families both play a significant role in academic achievement and student wellbeing.

“Today’s students are facing unprecedented trauma from the pandemic resulting in a critical need to double-down on student wellbeing. The school community at Brooklyn Landmark Elementary understands that a strong support system engages both teachers and parents,” said Elisabeth Stock, PowerMyLearning CEO and co-founder. “That is why PowerMyLearning gives our Triangle award to an exceptional student, caregiver, and teacher each year.”

The Triangle Award winners from Brooklyn Landmark Elementary are:

  • Jahid, Student of the Year
  • Keryan Henry, Parent of the Year
  • Nusrat Sikder-Ali, Teacher of the Year

“I’m proud of Jahid, Keryan and Mrs. Sikder for their leadership in closing the gap between school and home,” said Joyce Beckles-Knights, principal of Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School. “With PowerMyLearning’s support, our school community has united our scholars, teachers, and families with learning that extends from school to home.”

PowerMyLearning is a national K-12 nonprofit with a track record of accelerating student learning by up to four months and improving key student wellbeing outcomes by 15 percent. PowerMyLearning generates these outcomes by building the capacity of teachers and families to better support student learning and team up with one another in that effort– something the organization refers to as the “Triangle Approach.”

“Through PowerMyLearning, I’ve learned small yet impactful ways to better my instruction. For example, implementing ‘think time’ for my students to reflect and internalize what they’ve learned and adding classical music to facilitate reflection have supported my students’ learning and wellbeing,” said Nusrat Sikder-Ali, teacher at Brooklyn Landmark Elementary and Triangle Award Teacher of the Year recipient. “I’m looking forward to continuing to engage students and parents through the Triangle Approach so that we can achieve more, together.”

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