Powerful Training LMS at No Charge

Edify LMS

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Edified is offering its powerful training LMS at no charge to any educational institution through the end of the school year. We have added training courses to help teachers record their lessons to be delivered remotely. These include Zoom, Google Hangouts, Snag-it, SMART and more. Simply follow this link to fill out a short form to get started! If you are interested in gaining access to Edified, you can request access here.

Tools For Learner Productivity

Relevant courses covering the educational hardware and software of leading manufacturers
On-demand training that’s available any time, from anywhere, and from any device

  • Robust search capability for to-the-point information
  • Easy to navigate, user-friendly interface
  • Professional quality videos, created by educators, quickly get teachers up and running with technology
  • Practical and creative ideas for everyday teaching
  • Brief assessments to check for understanding
  • Certificates and badges for completed courses

Administrative Tools For Effective Management

  • Learning paths that allow you to customize your Professional Development solution
  • Tracking and reporting that lets you easily monitor progress
  • New courses added regularly to keep pace with innovation and changing technologies

Request access to Edified here.

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