PBLWorks Creates New eBook Featuring 21 Projects to Help Families Keep Children Engaged in Learning this Summer


“This Teachable Moment” eBook provides an introduction to Project Based Learning and ready-to-go projects for children of all grade levels

Novato, CA (June 17, 2020) –The COVID-19 school closures have caused many parents and caregivers to wonder whether their children have fallen behind in learning, and how they might catch up. To support these families, PBLWorks, the leader in Project Based Learning, has created a free eBook packed with ideas and resources to help parents re-engage their children in learning throughout the summer.

“This Teachable Moment,” authored by PBLWorks CEO Bob Lenz and Curriculum and Program Manager Laureen Adams, provides an intro to Project Based Learning and features 21 easily-implemented, “follow-the-recipe” PBL projects informed by educational research and designed for children of all ages and abilities. Using the projects as a roadmap, parents can create a simple summer routine that engages children and keeps their curiosity and love of learning alive.

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To help parents get started, PBLWorks is offering two free 45-minute webinars with the authors to discuss how to kick off the projects at home. Participants can choose from one of two sessions:

  • Wednesday, 11 a.m. Pacific Time on June 23, 2020
  • Thursday, 2 p.m. Pacific Time on June 24, 2020.

To register, visit:

“Many teachers already know that Project Based Learning is a powerful educational approach to keeping students engaged in their learning,” said Lenz. “Now, we’re bringing these same ideas directly to families. This eBook is much more than a reading list, a workbook, or an online tutoring program. The projects inside will engage kids because the work they’re doing is interesting, meaningful, and fun.”

Projects are organized into three categories — “Me, My Family, My Home,” “Our Community,” and “The World” — and allow kids to flex the intellectual muscles that have been sitting dormant for the last few months. Example projects include: creating a cooking show focused on family recipes and the history behind them, enlisting the community in protecting the local environment for the future, or brainstorming a whole new reality–a world that supports the dreams they have for their lives.

The projects are clearly laid out step-by-step so children can do them independently or with a small amount of supervision. Each project also includes recommended adjustments for different grade levels.

After the pandemic eases, the projects can continue to be a resource for involved parents, caregivers, and homeschooling families, both in the classroom and in the home.

PBLWorks (the brand name of the Buck Institute for Education) believes that all students – no matter where they live or what their background – should have access to quality Project Based Learning to deepen their learning and achieve success in college, career, and life. Our focus is on building the capacity of teachers to design and facilitate quality Project Based Learning, and on supporting school and system leaders in creating the conditions for these teachers to succeed with all students. For more information, visit

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