ParentSquare’s New Buyer’s Guide Helps Districts Effectively Evaluate K-12 School-Home Communication Platforms

“Selecting a K-12 Communications Platform” guide includes a checklist of criteria and addresses common communication challenges that educators encounter when trying to engage student families

Building trust between home and school is a critical component of a healthy school culture and engaged families. Clear, authentic communication is the foundation of that trust. To help districts build this connection with students’ families, ParentSquare, the modern school-home communications platform for K-12 education, has published a buyers’ guide titled “Selecting a K-12 Communications Platform to Grow Family Engagement.”

The 13-page guide shares the different challenges that a unified platform can help solve for districts such as:

  • Higher expenses and user confusion resulting from too many communications tools
  • Families overwhelmed by a high volume of inbound messages and a variety of messaging channels
  • Equitable communication with all families
  • Maintenance of data privacy, accuracy, and security

ParentSquare’s comprehensive guide also shares an easy-to-use checklist of questions district administrators and communications leaders should ask when evaluating any home-school communications option. In addition to basic features and functionality, the checklist is divided into sections that address properties that would benefit each of the important audiences of a district including:

  • Parents and guardians
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Principals
  • Communications staff
  • School services
  • Data privacy and security
  • District administration

The guide also tells the stories of two districts that improved their school-home communications efforts. The first is Brenham Independent School District, a small rural district in Texas with a student population that’s 50% Hispanic. The other is Yakima School District in Washington state, a larger district where eight different languages are spoken.

“Effective home-school communications are vital as districts and communities continue to recover from the disruptions of the past few years,” ParentSquare President and Founder Anupama Vaid said. “Districts have an array of issues, including linguistic differences, equity, safety and engagement to consider when planning school-home communications. We’ve created this guide so that readers can ensure that any communications platform they consider will meet the needs of everyone across the entire district and community.”

“A Guide to Selecting a Comprehensive Platform to Unify School-to-Home Communications” is available for download at no charge at

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