ParentSquare’s New Best Practice Guide Explains How to Measure and Improve Family Engagement

“From Theory to Practice: Measure and Enhance Your Family Engagement for Student Success” shares resources and suggestions for boosting families’ participation in students’ education

Research consistently shows that family engagement is the number one predictor of students’ academic achievement and long-term success. To help K12 districts better track and improve families’ involvement in students’ education, ParentSquare, the award-winning unified school-home engagement platform for K12 education, has published a new best practice guide for district leaders titled “From Theory to Practice: Measure and Enhance Your Family Engagement for Student Success.”

The family engagement guide addresses three core questions:

  1. Why does engagement matter?
  2. How do you track family engagement?
  3. How do you improve family engagement?

The 15-page guide shares six ways in which family engagement factors into student success. It also explains how readers can track and measure their current engagement efforts. Readers learn about the four elements that influence effective measurement and receive suggestions on ways to boost their engagement efforts via that specific element. In its final sections, the best practice guide briefly recaps key takeaways and gives tips for enhancing the results of the actionable ideas it has offered.

In addition to the ideas and insights it shares, “From Theory to Practice” includes informative resources such as a link to a working paper from the University of Washington’s Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Research Project. School leaders will also be able to access ParentSquare’s 2023 annual benchmark survey, “What’s Working for School Communication and Engagement.”

“We’ve created this new guide to help district leaders understand the difference between communicating with families and truly engaging them,” ParentSquare President and Founder Anupama Vaid said. “We also share how ParentSquare supports school-family communication with precise insights and a comprehensive suite of tools. Research and statistics consistently emphasize the crucial role of family engagement in enhancing student outcomes, and understanding why and how this works empowers us all to improve those outcomes.

The free guide can be downloaded here:

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