ParentSquare Platform Receives High Marks in Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey


Results from the 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that educators and parents have found the platform’s features invaluable for communication and engagement

According to recent survey data, the vast majority of over 4,000 educators using ParentSquare are giving high marks to the different features of the unified school-home communications platform. ParentSquare’s 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey found more than 90% of respondents reported satisfaction with individual features.

Among the highest rated capabilities, 95% of respondents expressed satisfaction with ParentSquare’s Posts feature, which enables teachers and administrators to post updates, newsletters, volunteer sign-ups, announcements, and more for the entire school as well as a specific grade, class, or period. Andrew W., a teacher at Hartford Public High School in Connecticut, explained how the digital tool saved him time. “I went from spending hours mailing out attendance letters, sending emails, and making phone calls to taking 15 minutes to send direct messages and posts,” he stated.

Another 95% of survey takers shared their appreciation of both the Secure Documents and the Personalized Auto Notices features. Secure Documents allows schools to electronically deliver confidential documents such as report cards, IEPs, and progress reports to parents. Personalized Auto Notices sets up automated messages to parents with information about absences, overdue textbooks, and more.

“We are saving time and money with the Secure Document delivery feature,” said Melissa D., the director of communications and community engagement for Portage Township Schools in Indiana. “Our parents love it because it’s easy to use. Our teachers love it because they are better able to connect with their students’ families.”

Parents also shared feedback. “I love the auto messages on my son’s grades,” said a parent with a student attending Paso Robles Joint Unified School District in California. “I was able to schedule their delivery each week. This allows me to consistently monitor his progress.”

The feature that received the most praise (96% of survey respondents) was Urgent Alerts, which allows customers to deliver alerts to all their contacts in the case of an emergency or important update. Parents and guardians can receive these notifications in the way that works best for them (via text, phone, email, app or web portal), increasing family engagement and combating message fatigue.

Over half (52%) of survey respondents were teachers, and other district educator roles made up almost another half (43%). The remaining survey takers (5%) were parents.

“We use this customer survey feedback to drive key decisions within our company and prioritize future product and process improvements,” said Anupama Vaid, President & Founder of ParentSquare. “Our thanks to these respondents for giving us the information that will guide our way forward.”

Overall, the platform earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 47. The NPS is a measure of customer satisfaction calculated based on responses to a single question: How likely are you to recommend ParentSquare?

“The NPS measurement scale is -100 to +100, so anything above zero means you have more fans than critics,” explained Vaid. “Our score is an indication of the value our school-home communications platform provides to our school partners, and we are very pleased that we are providing our customers with the best experience possible.”

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