ParentSquare Offers New Communications Playbook to K-12 Districts

The Complete District Communications Playbook shares best practices, templates and tools to help district leaders build a successful communications plan

While effective communication with families is more important than ever, it can be time-consuming for K-12 districts to develop a comprehensive plan. ParentSquare Inc. today announces the release of The Complete District Communications Playbook to provide district communications leaders with the resources they need to create a consistent, effective communications plan. The new playbook is available free of charge to educators at

ParentSquare, creator of the market leading unified school-home family engagement platform for K-12, producedThe Complete District Communications Playbook to be used as a guide for new communications leaders, a reference and refresher for experienced leaders, or a primer for superintendents who are juggling it all.

The playbook was developed with the insights and support of school communications leaders throughout the United States. The best practices guide is designed to help districts address foundational needs and construct a successful communications plan.

The Complete District Communications Playbook focuses on four core themes. Each shares real examples, tips, free templates and downloads, and key takeaways to make it easy to implement best practices.

  • Part 1, Elevating Your District’s Brand, illustrates how to create two key brand elements, ensure consistency, and use real-life stories to create a sustainable brand.
  • Part 2, Forming a Communications Strategic Plan, explains how to identify key audiences and goals, and develop and share a tactical plan with stakeholders.
  • Part 3, Utilizing Communication Channels, discusses how to build foundational channels, extend connections with websites and social media, and grow relationships with local media.
  • Part 4, Preparing for Crisis Communications, covers how to designate a crisis team and create a plan, ready yourself and all audiences for the unexpected, and plan for next steps post-crisis.

“We know school and district communications leaders are busy, and crafting comprehensive plans for branding, social media, and crises is time consuming. This playbook will serve as a valuable resource and become a go-to guide for developing and maintaining a strong communications program directed to families, students, and the community at-large,” ParentSquare President and Founder Anupama Vaid said.

To secure a free copy of the guide, please go to


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