ParentPowered Expands Their Family Engagement Program to Support Families of Children from Birth through Grade 12

ParentPowered’s all-new high school curriculum framework provides parents and families evidence-based supports for teens

ParentPowered, formerly known as Ready4K, is expanding its family engagement program to provide evidence-based support to parents and families with teens. A foundation of ParentPowered’s mission is to improve the lives of all children, from birth through graduation day.  The Company’s new high school curriculum framework provides schools with an innovative, research-aligned resource that equips families to better support their teens and to increase their success towards graduation.

According to a study on the dropout epidemic in America commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, almost 50% of students who didn’t complete their high school degrees said they left school because their classes were boring and not relevant to their lives or career aspirations. Almost 70% of respondents said their parents and families became involved in their education only when they were on the verge of leaving school. A recent Harvard study showed that family engagement helps to reduce absenteeism and leads to academic success for students.

Recognizing this, ParentPowered’s new high school curriculum empowers families to support their teens during this unique stage of growth and development. Delivered via text message, this sequenced curriculum offers easy, actionable activities that support families as they hone the skills teens need to enter adulthood.

“Numerous research studies highlight the benefits of engaged families at the high school level,” said Terri Soutor, Chief Executive Officer at ParentPowered. “From positive impacts on attendance and healthy behaviors to a greater chance of high school graduation and career clarity, involved families make a real difference in students’ lives. ParentPowered’s high school curriculum framework provides the support students need and provides families tangible, evidence-based activities to better support their children at home.”

Since its launch in 2016, partnering with Head Start programs, preschools and early elementary school administrators, ParentPowered has expanded and grown significantly. In 2021, ParentPowered began serving middle school families and is now committed to serving students and their families from birth through grade 12.

ParentPowered’s high school curriculum framework includes resources addressing important high school-specific topics, including:

  • Academics and Lifelong Learning
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Well-Being and Life Skills
  • Home and School Partnership
  • Approaches to Parenting

The high school curriculum framework includes content covering self-reflection, financial literacy, communication and more—building and strengthening the crucial skills high school students need to grow and thrive.

ParentPowered’s high school curriculum framework is aligned to the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for family-school partnerships, individual state learning standards and college and career readiness standards. In addition, the framework is aligned to the Individualized Learning Plan (IEP) process required in most states.

ParentPowered’s high school curriculum framework will be available for the 2024–2025 school year, and partners can pre-purchase licenses now.

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