Osmo for Schools Supplies Cincinnati School District with Learning Systems for Pre-K to Grade 12 Specialized Learning Units

Osmo for Schools announces that it has supplied the Cincinnati School District with various Osmo for Schools learning systems which will be implemented into 50 classrooms by the start of the fall semester (August, 2021). The learning systems are intended for specialized learning units covering preschool to grade 12. Cincinnati schools recently reopened to full-time, in-person learning on April 1.

“At first, we tested out popular Osmo for Schools apps like Words, Tangrams and Numbers, allowing teachers to sign the product out at our lending library for about one year, and this went very well,” says Joelle McConnell, Intervention Specialist for the Curriculum Access Team at Cincinnati School District, whose focus is instructional technology for students with disabilities. “Based on their positive experience, our district moved forward with a larger purchase of Osmo for Schools products that included Coding Family, Pizza Co., Monster, Detective, Little Genius, and Cases.”

McConnell came across Osmo a few years ago when researching tech solutions which are fun, engaging and educational for the district’s students in specialized learning units, which includes those with autism and a range of disabilities. After the district’s dedicated IT department tested the Osmo for Schools’ products to make sure they are safe and ensure privacy, she and others began testing Osmo out.

“We are really thrilled to know that Osmo for Schools’ technology is effectively supporting special education, as evidenced by the successful trial by Cincinnati School District,” says Jan Richards, head of education sales and marketing at Osmo for Schools, the division of Tangible Play that promotes in-classroom usage of Osmo’s devices and recently received the 2021 EdTech Award for Curriculum and Instruction Solution.  “We hope this opens up the eyes of other special education departments around the country.”

“The students’ engagement and motivation to complete other assignments in class has increased as a result of interacting with the Osmo for Schools learning systems,” says Kellie Robinson, an Intervention Specialist who teaches math and science to K-6 grade students with significant cognitive disabilities at Taft Elementary School in Cincinnati. “They want to finish their other assignments so that they have an opportunity to play with the Osmo’s during station time. They are also engaged with Osmo’s various math apps, which help students practice the math skills they are working on.” The students have access to the Osmo products through their math stations, typically a few times each week.

Osmo will also host a FREE webinar on Wednesday, June 16 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time (5:00 pm Pacific Time) via Zoom, for pre-K to grade 5 teachers to learn more about how to implement Osmo for School learning systems, and make the most of their Osmo products. The webinar will help teachers maximize Osmo’s potential for English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and STEAM/STEM stations.

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