Osmo For Schools Announces FREE June 16 Webinar “Shake Up Your Station Rotations, In Time for Fall”

Webinar Focuses On 5 Ways to Creatively Implement Osmo for Schools Learning Systems Into ELA, Math, and STEAM/STEM stations & Get the Most Out of Them

Osmo for Schools announces a FREE June 16 webinar for Pre-K to Grade 5 teachers addressing “Shake Up Your Stations Rotation, In Time For Fall,” to help those interested in updating their stations using Osmo for Schools learning systems and how to get the most out of their Osmo products. The webinar takes place via Zoom at 8 p.m. Eastern Time/5 p.m. Pacific Time.

The webinar will address changing up learning stations for English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and STEAM/STEM. It will be co-hosted by Kira Westbroek of Osmo for Schools, and Technology & Innovation Lead Teacher Micah Brown. Westbroek is a former special education teacher for K to 5; Brown works with students and teachers for Pre-K to 5 at Andover Public Schools in Andover, Kansas, and holds a B.S. in elementary education and a M.S. in curriculum and instruction.

“Osmo for Schools believes in helping educators understand how its proprietary educational technology can support their ELA, Math and STEM lessons and teach it in a more interactive and engaging way for students,” says Jan Richards, head of education sales and marketing at Osmo for Schools, the division of Tangible Play that promotes in-classroom usage of Osmo’s devices and recently received the 2021 EdTech Award for Curriculum and Instruction Solution. “This webinar will help those who are new to Osmo figure out how to maximize the technology for learning purposes, by taking a deeper dive into Osmo’s offerings.”

“Teachers will learn how to get the most out of Osmo, and use Osmo creatively,” says Brown, who also leads the Awesome Squiggles global art project that utilizes Osmo for Schools technology. “Educators will also learn where to find helpful resources for using Osmo in classrooms,” adds Westbroek.

To help teachers maximize their potential with ELA stations, the webinar will focus on creating an Albums Directory using the Osmo Words app, where a picture shows up on a tablet screen and students have to choose the correct letters tiles to spell the word, and place them in the right order in front of the tablet. Teachers will learn how to download word types to their ELA station, as well as create a custom album where they upload their own photos and download the relevant words assigned to each photo. Teachers will also learn to use Osmo Masterpiece app to support writing for book reports, where students use Masterpiece to draw the subject of their book report, as well as handwriting on worksheets via their student whiteboards.

For those using Math stations, the focus is using the Osmo Numbers app, where students creatively arrive at a solution, as well as discover multiple solutions to a math problem. Students will learn algebraic thinking, fact families, deductive reasoning, and develop a better understanding of the relationship between numbers. Teachers will learn lock/unlock modes for individualized instruction, and to help students buddy up with high/low groups together.

For teachers looking to enhance their STEAM stations, the focus is using Osmo Tangram and Osmo Newton apps, to showcase cause/effect relationship games, theme activities and brain teasers; it will also help students explore the foundations of coding using Osmo Coding Family apps (Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Duo). With Osmo Tangram, students use geometric thinking and spatial reasoning to solve puzzles with shapes; and with Osmo Newton, they practice the cause/effect relationship and experiment with gravity by guiding falling balls on the tablet’s screen to fall into targeted zones.

Last, the webinar will provide resources for teachers, including: the blog; a how-to guide for each app; how to connect with the Osmo community of educators on Facebook and Twitter; and how to get involved in the Osmo for Schools community.

The webinar takes place via Zoom on Wednesday, June 16 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time/5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Sign up here.

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