Opportunities and the New Normal

Opportunities and the New Normal

By John Carver, Educational Leader and Consultant

This is an excerpt from Carver’s article Growth Rings: COVID-19, New Directions, New Beginnings

COVID-19 is indeed a Growth Ring for mankind

It is a wake-up call to the fact that what happens in one part of the world does affect us here at home. It highlights the global supply chain and how American companies depend on Chinese low labor costs to create products to be sold in the United States, thus making a profit for the company’s stocks which American’s have invested in for their 401K retirement plans. The bottom line is that in order for our economy to be strong, people need to be buying. It is a vicious continuous cycle. If people don’t buy, the economy comes to a halt.

COVID-19 is amplifying the transition from the 20th century industrial age to the 21st-century digital/information age. With schools closing, the assumption is that kids can have virtual school after all many of their parents are being directed to work from home. The reality is that most teachers and school systems do not have the capacity, resources, nor teachers with the skills to teach online. It needs to be realized that not all students have Wi-Fi access at home as well. In addition, many states legislatively do not have in code the option for K-12 virtual learning.

The 20th-century industrial model structure of K-12 education does not fit with our current 21st-century challenge. This is an opportunity to create something new!