Novus Consulting Group Awarded Dual Accreditation for Cyber Citizenship Course

Novus Consulting Group (NCG) is announcing its new Cyber Citizenship Course accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management and City & Guilds. Accreditation distinguishes this course from many other offerings in the K-12 landscape through its adherence to rigorous standards and course content. As cyberattack incidents continue to appear globally, primarily attributed to the pandemic’s push for digitization, millions of people recognize the importance of solid cybersecurity education programs and cybersecurity fluency. NCG, an organization dedicated to young people globally, recently launched its new accredited course for schools in response to these emerging needs.

“COVID has significantly contributed to the upsurge in cyberattacks on schools largely due to the shift to remote learning and students’ lack of knowledge on how to be good cyber citizens,” said Dr. Hanine Salem, Managing Partner at NCG. “K-12 education plays a key role in protecting students by raising awareness and interest in cybersecurity, and they can do this by providing students with the fundamental knowledge they need. We created our Cyber Citizenship course due to the lack of accessible tools for educators. Cybersecurity training is not something that we take lightly at NCG. These accreditations prove our commitment to ensuring students receive the highest quality training to protect themselves now and to help them reach their full potential in life after college.”

The lengthy accreditation process ensures NCG’s Cyber Citizenship course meets strict education standards that are contemporary, engaging, and focus on improving practice. Various guidelines for approval include:

-Learner inclusivity and accessibility to support the learning needs of diverse groups
-Reference to models, theories, and explanations that are current and relevant
-Collaborative learning is encouraged
-The level of facilitation provided and the extent to which the development is self-directed are both clearly stated
-The learning includes an element of self-awareness and reflection
-Learning activities are organized in multiple formats, and different methods are used to aid all types of learners
-Learner feedback is gathered and evaluated and informs the design of future programs
-The program reflects the values of The Institute of Leadership & Management and City & Guilds

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