NorvaNivel™ New 2020 Products Raise the Bar for Engagement and Student Outcomes


Creator of next generation Learning Spaces transforms and modernizes classrooms across the U.S. with agile options that empower students and teachers 

Dallas, TX – NorvaNivel (, designers and manufacturers of educational furniture and learning spaces, continues to transform America’s classroom with its new series of agile products in January 2020.  Perfect for all grade levels and all types of learners, the new products offer even more agile, flexible and moveable options for individual and group learning, and for every imaginable student learning style. Founded in Australia, where it pioneered the transformation of the educational furniture market, NorvaNivel is focused on transforming educational spaces, building student engagement and empowering educators in the United States as well as Mexico and Canada.

NorvaNivel’s furniture and learning environments are intentionally designed to give students the power to decide how they want to learn and the freedom to configure a space to suit their needs. The flexible, lightweight components work together and can be easily configured in just 60 seconds, even by the youngest of students.

NorvaNivel Design Director Avron Levin says, “With these new products, we are deepening our commitment to change the way students learn and succeed in school by giving them choice, ownership, and pride in their classroom.  We’re breaking down the barriers to learning and opening up a new environment that will help to prepare them for a future of lifelong learning. We are proud of the design innovations we’ve made and look forward to our launch.”

The following are the new 2020 NorvaNivel pieces being launched in January 2020.

RockerOtt 10™

The RockerOtt 10 seat features a 10 degree angle, encouraging the student to lean forward, making them more engaged – facilitating active sitting while providing lower back support. The super-light foam core creates just the right firmness and helps to improve cognitive development and well-being.

GENCI™ Collection

The GENCI seating are individual benches that nest within each other, providing space efficiency. GENCI’s light and agile modular design allows for endless configuration to support group sizes, interaction and dynamics. It also allows for collaboration in a non-formal or creative setting. When the seating needs to be disassembled, students can work as a team to quickly nest the pieces together.


NorvaNivel added castors and steel framing to teachers’ and students’ favorite activity table, making it even more mobile.  A U-Channel was added to the center of the piece to provide tabletop storage and a power module.  Additional storage is available underneath through storage tubs on both sides. The writable surface is proven to facilitate collaboration and creativity. This is a key piece for any and all STEAMSPACE classes.

Onda™ Junior Seating (for Grades 2-6) and Indira™ Senior Seating (For Grades 7-12)

The new mobile two-seater Onda and Indira offer a whole space solution for small and large group learning by connecting with other tables, bookcases and pieces.  This empowers learners to create personalized space that accommodates their learning styles and needs. In addition to storage underneath, Ondo and Indira offer comfort and ergonomic support with the option of two cushion styles – curve back and straight back.

STEAMSPACE™ 2.0 Starter Collection

The design features in the 2.0 Starter collection allow customization for any STEAM task, and collectively turn any classroom into a fully functioning STEAM studio. The piece can easily be moved from room to room and set-up anywhere – while providing more storage space.  Benches and caddies are carpeted to access small parts on work surfaces.  In addition, interchangeable magnetic surfaces allow students to carry, store and change out work areas.


Slabwrx™ is a mobile collaboration starter tech bar, where learners naturally gravitate to for sharing, learning and supporting each other.  Depending on the activity or the accompanying seating, the tables can be raised up and down.

All NorvaNivel products are manufactured in the U.S. For more information, visit

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