Northern Indiana Educational Service Centers Selects TITAN to Support its Statewide Education Child Nutrition Program

TITAN selected by Northern Indiana Educational Service Center to support member districts’ child nutrition programs in Indiana

Today, the Northern Indiana Educational Service Center (NIESC) announces it has selected TITAN, a LINQ solution, to support its member districts’ child nutrition programs throughout the state. TITAN is the school nutrition industry’s only comprehensive management solution that connects districts to state agencies. Through this partnership, the Education Service Center of Indiana’s (ESC of I) member school nutrition programs will be able to implement TITAN at a considerable discount and can bypass the procurement process. TITAN is the only 100% cloud and browser-based school nutrition solution available to the K-12 industry. The fully integrated platform allows nutrition directors to serve meals efficiently and better manage their programs from any location.

“It’s more challenging now than ever before for school nutrition programs throughout Indiana to ensure students get the meals they need,” said Krista Endsley, CEO of LINQ. “Supply chain issues, worker shortages, and the expiration of USDA nutritional waivers are magnifying already historical day-to-day operational roadblocks. We are proud to partner with NIESC to help mitigate these issues for students in the Hoosier State.”

This partnership will allow ESC of I member school districts to:

  • Connect families to menus and payments
  • Allow for easy application processing
  • Manage menu planning
  • Enable intelligent inventory management to track ingredients, manage USDA commodities, and intra-district transfers among schools and warehouses

“Schools throughout Indiana are scrambling to figure out how to keep healthy, nutrient-rich food on students’ plates while staying out of the red,” said Lisa Abell, Assistant Executive Director/Director of Cooperative Purchasing NIESC/NWIESC. “By partnering with TITAN, ESC members will have an extra layer of support to ensure child nutrition needs are being met for the 2022-23 school year and beyond.”

ESC of I is a collaborative of Indiana’s nine individual Education Service Centers (ESCs). ESC of I implements statewide initiatives beneficial to nearly 50,000 educators and 720,000 students across Indiana’s 92 counties. Over the last several years, changes in meeting the state and USDA guidelines for school child nutrition programs have led the ESC Food Cooperative Consortium to grow to 89 districts. This cooperative ensures all products meet the USDA guidelines for child nutrition while monitoring changes in legislature and school food trends. NIESC is the lead administrator of this team, ensuring all USDA and State requirements are being adhered to as part of the procurement process on behalf of each participating service center.

Indiana district nutrition programs that implement LINQ will have unlimited, on-demand training courses and full implementation of services, including full access to TITAN Academy, a self-paced online training platform featuring video courses and providing School Nutrition Association continuing education credits.

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