New Webinar Series to Help Elementary Educators Cultivate Math-Minded Students

Curriculum Associates is launching a free, four-part webinar series to support elementary educators with their ongoing math instruction. During the Sowing the Seeds of Math: How to Cultivate Learning in the Primary Grades series, which runs weekly from February 1 to February 24, math experts from Curriculum Associates will provide best practices, tips, and routines for educators to use as they support students in becoming independent mathematical thinkers.

“A strong math foundation, which encompasses everything from number sense to algebraic thinking, is imperative to students’ ongoing academic success,” said Elizabeth Peyser, national director of content and implementation at Curriculum Associates and one of the webinar presenters. “Our latest webinar series will delve into strategies and best practices to help teachers build this foundation and cultivate learning in the classroom—all while making their instruction fun and engaging for young learners.”

The Sowing the Seeds of Math series includes:

• The Botany of Counting: Establishing the Roots for Success (K–2) on Tuesday, February 1
• Make Math Come Alive: Establishing the Right Conditions for Growth and Learning on Tuesday, February 8
• Fundamentals of Number Lines (K–2) on Tuesday, February 15
• Cultivating Joy in Math Classrooms: Fun Activities to Calm Brains and Have More Fun in Math! on Thursday, February 24

All webinars will be held at 3 p.m. ET and last for 45 minutes.

To learn more and register for the upcoming webinars, visit

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