New Study: ST Math Use Dramatically Increases Texas Students’ STAAR Math Scores

A recent study conducted by MIND Research Institute shows that students who used ST Math made more significant gains in math proficiency than those who did not. MIND followed a longitudinal cohort of Texas students from grades 3, 4, and 5. Students who used ST Math with fidelity in the past three school years showed dramatic increases in their STARR Math performance levels—including 48% of students moving up at least one performance level.

ST Math provides a simplified yet challenging math learning environment that gives all students an equitable opportunity to succeed regardless of their background or ability level. ST Math’s patented learning method addresses the shortcomings of other approaches by reducing cognitive load, utilizing innate visual reasoning through interactive and rigorous math-based puzzles, and requiring mastery progression.

Sandra Doria, Executive Director of Math & Science, Aldine ISD: “One of the things that really appealed to us about ST Math was that it is nonverbal. It was great to be able to use one platform that all students could use.” 

In addition, students who used ST Math for three years (1,000 puzzles per year) not only exhibited dramatic jumps in performance levels but also nearly eliminated the number of students who did not meet grade level standards—down to only 3.1%—and added 20.9 percentage points to the Master Performance Level. 

Brett Woudenberg, CEO of MIND Education: We are pleased to see the positive impact ST Math is having on Texas students’ math skills and self-confidence. The study’s findings showed ST Math positively impacted all student subgroups in Texas, one of the largest state populations. We continue to find the more students play ST Math, the higher their scores. This is what we mean by equitable impact: ST Math works for ALL students.

TEA partnered with MIND Education to provide educators and K-5 students free access to ST Math. The ST Math program is currently used by nearly 2,700 schools across Texas, and has been adopted by thousands more across the country. 

Learn more about ST Math created by MIND Education and request a demo at

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