New Interactive Features, Greater Personalization, More Culturally Relevant Content Power Achieve3000’s PreK-12 Fall Release

Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated instruction and learning acceleration for students in grades PreK-12, has made several significant upgrades to its digital solutions for the 2021-22 school year. The new features and improvements across all of the organization’s cloud-based products are designed to increase student engagement, enhance the user experience, and empower educators to accelerate and deepen learning.

“At Achieve3000, we’re always looking for ways to make our solutions more effective and easier to use, but this year, our product development team pulled out all the stops,” said Stuart Udell, CEO, Achieve3000. “Educators, administrators, and students will all be very excited when they see what we have in store for them in the fall.”

Some of the key changes on a solution-by-solution basis include:

  • Achieve3000 Literacy (Literacy Acceleration Solution for Grades 2-12) offers a brand-new lesson design, rich content updates, foundational literacy instruction, and powerful customization options.
  • Actively Learn (Curriculum Platform for Grades 3-12) offers complete curriculum units for ELA, science, and social studies, new culminating activities and assessments, additional question types, and a design upgrade.
  • Achieve3000 Math (Math Acceleration Solution for Grades K-12) offers thousands of personalized teacher-led videos, broader standards coverage, more data and customization tools, and a partnership with Desmos.
  • Smarty Ants (Foundational Literacy Solution for Grades PreK-2) offers a personalized end-of-year assessment, a wider range of avatar options, a new Data Center for teachers, and an integration with Google Classroom.

For a more in-depth look at all of Achieve3000’s product upgrades for Back to School 2021-22, click here. For an animated video walkthrough, click here.

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