Nellie Pagán, Champion of Equity

From the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

Nellie Pagán believes in creating a classroom culture that is engaging, student-centered, and collaborative, and as a second grade teacher she succeeded in all three. This year she has begun a new role as Resource Specialist, working with different classrooms. For her efforts, Nellie was recognized as a Curriculum Associates Extraordinary Educator.

“What I found, especially in the remote learning environment, was that being accessible to students and families was the most important factor in creating equity. It was something we were all going through together, and understanding that partnership was essential to reaching every family.” — Nellie Pagán

As the school moved to remote learning during the pandemic, Nellie kept students and families connected. She made sure parents, many of whom are essential workers, had her cell phone number so they could always reach her at their convenience. She also recognized that learners would need support outside of regular school hours and proactively engaged them and their families in conversations around their learning to make sure everyone was safe and healthy, and that learning wouldn’t be disrupted.

Connect with Nellie Pagán:

  • Twitter: @Nellie_Nel516
  • IG: @the_inked_educator

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