National Nonprofit Let Grow Launches Moral Courage ED as the No-Shaming Alternative to Mainstream Anti-racism Programs

Let Grow, the national nonprofit that promotes independent thinking and emotional resilience in young people, introduces Moral Courage ED to empower students to hear, not fear different perspectives. Innovated by bestselling author and Oprah award-winner Irshad Manji, the research-backed Moral Courage Method offers practical tools to turn contentious issues into constructive conversations and shared action. This is a critical skill for reaching durable solutions to America’s biggest challenges.

Moral Courage ED provides a unifying alternative to “intersectionality” and related models of anti-racism. The no-shaming practice allows students to grow beyond cancel culture.

“Shaming is a misguided remedy for racism,” says Manji. “Shaming fuels fear, incites defensiveness, and widens divides. The healthier approach is to cultivate Moral Courage — speaking truth to the power of our defensive brains. By first lowering our own emotional defenses, we can lower the defenses of others. We lead by listening. That’s what the Moral Courage Method teaches.”

Moral Courage ED supports middle and high school teachers, student cohorts, parent groups, and entire educational districts. Its offerings include LIVE virtual workshops, faculty book studies, and professional certification through Oxford University. In addition, the organization will soon be launching an online course for educators called “Diversity Without Division.”

Renowned scholar and activist Cornel West describes Moral Courage as “a powerful force for good.” Dr. West helped Manji launch the Moral Courage Channel on YouTube and exemplifies its values in his own cross-ideological friendships.

Raquel Majeski, assistant head at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA, says that Moral Courage has been “transformational” for her school’s culture. “It’s one thing to talk about social justice. But when you’re empowering students, faculty, and staff to courageously address disagreement and discord, that’s the real work.”

To learn more about Moral Courage ED, visit Watch a preview of the Moral Courage Method here.

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