National Lexile Study Shows Accelerated Reading Growth Across Ethnic Groups

Student engagement yields success for kids using Achieve3000 Literacy during COVID

The National Lexile Study, a respected and recognized independent research analysis conducted by MetaMetrics®, the creators of the Lexile® Framework, was released by Achieve3000. The study found that some 800,000 students in grades 2-12 who were active in Achieve3000 Literacy from 2020-2021 achieved nearly two times their expected reading gains. As part of Achieve3000’s corporate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, this year’s study includes the first-ever analysis of reading growth across race and ethnic groups. While there are some variations, all students achieved comparable rates of acceleration which increased with higher levels of engagement.

Achieve3000 and MetaMetrics have partnered to produce the National Lexile Study for the last two years.  As developers of the only scientifically valid, universal scale for measuring reading, MetaMetrics can accurately assess reading gains of students using Achieve3000 Literacy, one of four differentiated instructional solutions offered by Achieve3000, an EdTech leader serving more than five million PreK-12 students in 40,000 schools.

Other key findings from the study:

Highly engaged learners in specific student population groups attained at least 3X their expected reading growth. This included analyses for students learning English as a new language and below-grade-level readers, who demonstrated more than 3X their expected growth.

The number of students who were on track for college and career readiness increased by 56 percent. Using grade-level benchmarks developed by MetaMetrics, Achieve3000 Literacy provides educators with insights into how many of their students are progressing at a rate that they are “on track” to reach college-level reading proficiency by the end of 12th grade (1300L).

“2020-21 was a very challenging school year, and we weren’t sure what the impact of those challenges would be on student learning growth,” said Malbert Smith, CEO and Cofounder of MetaMetrics. “Fortunately, what we found is that if students use Achieve3000 Literacy regularly and stay engaged, they continue to grow and grow dramatically.”

“I’m glad we’re finally at a point where we can look back on 2020-21 and find some positive takeaways,” said Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000. “Our goal with Achieve3000 Literacy has always been to provide a solution that students and educators can use to accelerate reading growth. I think this new study is further proof that we’re headed in the right direction.”

To view the 2020-2021 National Lexile Study, click here.

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