National Education Nonprofit Offers Free Virtual Workshops during COVID-19 Pandemic

New Tech Network

New Tech Network offers distance-learning workshops around social and emotional learning, curriculum design, student assessment and more

AUSTIN, TX— As communities across Texas face school closures due to the COVID-19 health crisis, New Tech Network (NTN) — a national education nonprofit and leading design partner for comprehensive K-12 school change — is offering four free virtual workshops to support teachers and school leaders to ensure academic continuity and authentic learning outside the classroom.

The workshops are available at no cost to all educators and will cover topics such as social and emotional learning, prioritizing content and curriculum, creating robust learning agendas, and the power of feedback as assessment in a virtual environment.

Workshops will be facilitated by NTN School Development Coaches, who support the network’s more than 200 NTN schools and districts in 28 states and provide professional development training and guidance on authentic learning for student success. The workshops will take place weekly, with the first session held Thursday April 16 at 1:00 p.m. CT. The schedule and additional workshop descriptions can be found at

NTN Workshop Offerings:

  • Virtual Workshop 1: Creating a Virtual Space for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) during School Closures
  • Virtual Workshop 2: Prioritizing Your Curriculum for Uncertain Times: Less is More
  • Virtual Workshop 3: Agendas: a Tool for Learning and Engagement
  • Virtual Workshop 4: Feedback Over Letter Grades: The New Reality of Virtual Learning in the World of COVID-19

“As schools face sudden closures and a quick transition to virtual learning, we understand the pressure educators are under during this difficult time and want to provide them with as much support as we possibly can,” said Dallas-based NTN School Development Coach Gaylen Brannon. “In working with our network schools over the last few weeks, we have consistently heard that teachers are looking for ways to make meaningful connections with students and how best to set expectations for students and for themselves. Our School Development Coaches specialize in this type of planning for our network schools, and we’re excited to provide educators the opportunity to implement these tested and proven practices for student success.”

There are currently 214 New Tech Network schools across the United States, including 25 in Texas, with many more engaged in design and planning. With more than 5,000 teachers and 85,000 students, NTN is one of the largest project-based learning networks in the country.

Click Here for a list of current New Tech Network schools in Texas. For more information about New Tech Network’s impact in Texas, please visit:

About New Tech Network

New Tech Network, a national nonprofit organization, is a leading design partner for comprehensive K-12 school change. NTN has successfully guided over 200 schools and districts in 28 states with a whole school, systemic approach where student skills are valued as much as test scores. New Tech Network provides professional development and coaching for teachers and school leaders to inspire and engage all students through authentic and challenging work. The New Tech school model features multiple student learning outcomes combined with pervasive project-based learning, an inclusive school-wide culture and the real-world use of technology tools and resources.

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