NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Featured in 4 Live BYJU Webinars in July & August

With one full month remaining until the majority of K-12 students in the U.S. return to in-person learning, BYJU’S FutureSchool announces four remaining live webinars featuring NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, which are complimentary to students enrolled in its math and coding Summer Program. New students can also enroll for free in an upcoming webinar, provided they register for a free session at the FutureSchool Summer Program. Kelly’s most recent webinar on the theme “Mission to Mars” can be viewed here.

BYJU’S FutureSchool partnered with Scott Kelly to instill excitement about the space-focused math classes and coding courses focused on learning through the joy of creative thinking and problem solving. Coding can invite new ways of thinking to help children learn how to solve complex problems while providing a structure that allows children to foster persistence, collaboration, communication and social skills. The proprietary activity-based coding curriculum helps children learn concepts through creating and building applications, facilitated by a highly trained teacher. The math program is anchored on storytelling to help students learn in an engaging manner while learning real-life applications.

Kelly’s future live talks are scheduled for:

  • July 30 at 8 pm EST
  • August 9 at 10:30am EST
  • August 19 at 10:30am EST
  • August 29 at 10:30am EST

Parents can register their child via an easy, two-step process:

Open to students ages 6 to 18, BYJU’S FutureSchool Summer Program includes 6-week and 12-week coding courses and a 14-week math course, which result in the child creating either a space themed game, a space themed app or a math space mission. Some of the projects include simulating the docking of a real spacecraft on the international space station or joining astronauts and scientists on project NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations), the world’s only undersea research station.

Students have the option to take one-to-one teacher to student or group classes. For a limited time, BYJU’S is offering their Summer Program classes at discounted prices starting $12 per class for a group class of up to four students and $25 per class for one-on-one instruction. The summer program runs through Aug. 31, 2021.

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