MindSpark Learning® Launches First-of-Its-Kind Certification in Disruption

The certification uses a human-centric architecture designed to recognize and reward the highest possible standards in education 

MindSpark Learning® (MindSpark™), a nonprofit that delivers extraordinary and sustainable learning experiences for educators and professionals, is taking the concept of ‘disruption for good’ further than ever before in the education sector with the launch of the Disruption Certification (D-Cert). D-Cert is designed to recognize and reward the highest possible standards in education.

The Disruption Certification uses a human-centric architecture designed to renovate the global education system, with district and school leaders being at the forefront of the change. This certification is not a band-aid but a solution that places meaning and value on the preeminent leverage points for education. The D-Cert is based on emergent practices driven by accountability, transparency, and performance. This certification is intergenerational and comes with a duality to retain and expand our educator talent, while activating the next generation to take its place in the workforce.

While companies have long focused on stakeholder value, education has been slow to follow suit and acknowledge the broader ecosystem. The landscape of global education is changing and D-Cert defines a new set of rules. D-Cert’s robust, peer-to-peer network will fuel a collective vision, amplify the voices of strongest education leaders, and drive enduring prosperity for our society. It will put intelligence into practice by upskilling and uplifting educators across the globe – changing mindsets and behaviors about what it means to lead and learn.

“There is no single industry where disruption for good needs to take root more than in the one sector that is foundational to all others — education. We developed the Disruption Certification under the notion that the world needs to view education as a high impact sector,” said MindSpark CEO Kellie Lauth. “Think B-corp for education. We’re calling on all school and district leaders who are ready to make a system level change to engage in this work. It is time to stop talking about the great reset in education and make it happen.”

“As someone who is a direct beneficiary of a high quality education, I’m an example of how transformative education can be. I came from a neighborhood where the public school system was in shambles. Only by finding the right educators was I able to get to college and eventually grad school,” said Michael Lear, SVP Capital Group and Board Member at Blue Engine. “The educational space is one ripe for disruption. D-Cert provides a foundation to help ensure that our educational systems have as much impact and a positive effect on as many children as possible. I’m proud to support this much needed work.”

At the heart of this new Disruption Certification is a proprietary capability model called the education disruption quotient or ed/quotient. The model incorporates four dimensions that are critical to reengineering education and it’s desired outcomes: Wellbeing, Innovation, Inclusion, and Workforce. MindSpark Learning’s D-Cert will transform classrooms, schools, districts, and the broader education-to-workplace ecosystem.

If you are a school or district leader ready to make space for innovation and reformation, discover your organization’s ed/quotient today! And if you are a teacher, please pass this announcement along to your school or district leadership team.

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