MindPrint Learning & CAST demonstrate strong ability to predict middle school mathematics outcomes in NSF-Sponsored Study

MindPrint Learning and CAST, Inc. are excited to announce the results of their NSF Phase I study which demonstrates strong potential to improve middle school math outcomes at scale. MindPrint Learning, a worldwide leader in formative cognitive assessment and CAST Inc., a leading nonprofit educational research organization that pioneered the Universal Design for Learning framework, partnered in a National Science Foundation SBIR study to demonstrate the importance of non-academic skills, namely cognitive and social-emotional skills, in driving math outcomes. Phase I research established the MindPrint Cognitive Assessment could account for over 50% of middle school math achievement outcomes.

The two organizations co-developed a new student self-report survey of social-emotional skills. These combined instruments, requiring approximately one hour of class time, were demonstrated to account for over 60% of middle school math outcomes. Dr. Jess Gropen, Senior Research Scientist at CAST, explains:

“The ability to show such high levels of predictability is unprecedented in K-12. Now that we can pinpoint the reasons for students’ challenges in areas of cognition, engagement or social-emotional skills, we have the capability to dramatically improve outcomes for students at all achievement levels.”

MindPrint will introduce a SEL Course Fall 2021 for middle and high school students using these two core instruments to develop student self-awareness, self-management and self-efficacy skills. MindPrint is partnering with Novak Education, a premier provider of online and hybrid evidence-based curriculum. This ground-breaking course is personalized to each student’s unique profile of cognitive and SEL strengths. MindPrint chose Novak Education because of the firm’s deep expertise in MTSS which will ensure that the needs of all students are addressed.

Says Dr. Katie Novak, “We are thrilled to partner with MindPrint on this revolutionary approach to MTSS and SEL. MindPrint has unique instruments to accurately measure and align academic, cognitive and social-emotional skills so that students receive the right types of individualized support with an approach that is manageable in today’s classrooms.”

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