MindAntix Keeps Kids Engaged with
Free One-A-Day Brainteasers 


MindAntix’s daily brainteaser activities support creative thinking and help families and educators keep children engaged and productively occupied during COVID-19 school closures

Seattle, WA—MindAntix, a learning company that provides all students with the opportunity to build creativity and problem-solving skills, announced it is releasing a weekly set of free brainteaser activities to support at-home learning. Teachers can use the brainteasers during remote learning sessions as a warm-up exercise or can assign them for students to work on independently. Parents can also participate by playing and co-creating ideas as a family. The first two weeks of brainteasers are now available here.

“COVID-19 has caused school closures, but that doesn’t mean learning has to end. Our free brainteasers are easy to access, quick to download, and fun to use in any setting,” said Dr. Pronita Mehrotra, founder of MindAntix. “We focus on helping students build thinking patterns that unlock their true originality, and we give them the skills and encouragement to explore the boundaries of their creativity. There are no right or wrong answers—the only rules are to use your talent, be unique and have fun learning!”

The brainteasers build specific cognitive thinking styles that have been shown to improve creative thinking. These thinking patterns include:

  • Associative Thinking — The ability to combine unrelated ideas in a meaningful way.

  • Analogical Thinking — Identifying structural similarities between two concepts.

  • Problem Finding — The ability to define your own problem to work on, a hallmark of higher creativity.

A new set of brainteasers will be available for download each Monday here. To receive them via email, sign up here. For more information, or to share insights on how MindAntix brainteasers are helping to engage students, send an email to

MindAntix provides all students with the opportunity to build creativity and problem-solving skills through access to fun, simple, and practical activities and exercises that are easy for teachers to implement and use, along with professional development and continuing support to help teachers fuel students’ growth. Through project-based learning and cognitive skill-building strategies, MindAntix is working to equip students to be successful contributors to the rapidly-evolving workforce of the future in a technology-driven, AI-dominated world. Learn more at

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