Milestone reached as NH takes advantage of free instructional materials

This press release was originally distributed by the New Hampshire Department of Education. You can find the Department’s online version here.  

In less than eight months, more than 215,000 digital resources have been used by New Hampshire educators, students and families through Discovery Education’s innovative learning platform.

“These instructional materials have been incredibly valuable to the state’s educational system. Connecting teachers to a vast collection of standards-aligned content that is easily accessible in digital lessons provides them with a unique opportunity to support students,” said Frank Edelblut, commissioner of education.

Last July, the New Hampshire Department of Education launched a partnership with Discovery Education to provide school systems statewide access to high quality, digital instructional materials through the state’s Canvas Learning Management System.

“This collaboration aims to close the equity gap by providing all students and teachers with access to a broad collection of dynamic K-12 digital resources that is supported by a robust professional learning initiative,” added Edelblut.

Discovery Education’s ready-to-use digital lessons, videos, intuitive quizzes and activity creation tools are delivered through a flexible learning platform designed to engage students in any learning environment.

“This has been an exciting initiative. Discovery Education is proud to support New Hampshire’s efforts to close the equity gap,” said Dr. Karen Beerer, senior vice president of teaching and learning with Discovery Education. “We are thrilled that more than 200,000 digital resources have been utilized by teachers and students throughout the state so far, and we look forward to sharing even more timely and relevant resources in the platform so that New Hampshire students may continue to flourish.”

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