Mike Esseily, Champion of Equity

From the November/December 2021 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

Mike Esseily, Executive Director of Special Populations at Dearborn Public Schools in Michigan, promotes equity in education in action and with policies. With an inclusive leadership team and approach, he asks educators to demonstrate academic outcomes while incorporating student success within the social-emotional context. He has served as a mentor, coach and leader, championing equity in the second largest school district in Michigan, which has the largest Arab American population, including refugees who have experienced trauma.

“We are in this together. Who are the staff and students who would contribute and participate in promoting and inclusive school environment?”

Mr. Esseily has provided trauma informed training for all staff. Mr. Esseily builds bridges with the community and schools by giving staff autonomy and promoting social justice through restorative practices which provides equitable access to education for all students. This is evidenced by funding for several state grants to support mental health equity and collaboration with community providers.


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