MiEN Company’s KIO Tinker Table Quickly Switches from a Bookcase to a Workstation & More

New table adapts to multiple learning needs in classrooms, media centers, makerspaces and STEAM labs

Schools’ limited space means that they need furniture that can adapt to multiple situations. For this reason, MiEN Company has created the KIO Tinker table, a 360-degree mobile bookcase that doubles as a workstation and more. The table is designed to provide storage and workspace for classrooms, media centers, makerspaces and STEM/STEAM spaces.

The KIO Tinker’s large top surface can be used for working or to display books or student projects. The middle of the tabletop opens to reveal an inner compartment for storage. When in place, the compartment’s lid is flush with the rest of the table’s surface, creating a smooth 48-square-inch work surface.

Additional storage space is located on the table’s exterior. KIO Tinker hosts three tiers of adjustable shelves on all four sides as well as three-tier fixed shelving on all its corners. The adjustable shelves on the sides can be quickly removed so users sit around KIO Tinker using stools or café-height chairs. The compartment lids and removable shelving can be stored inside the unit’s inner compartment.

Teachers can also remove KIO Tinker’s compartment lid and use the open top space as a holder for two of MiEN’s plastic storage bins (up to 9 inches deep). This way, students have work materials, such as manipulatives or STEAM supplies, neatly contained but within easy reach in the middle of the table.

“KIO Tinker’s large surface area and various storage possibilities make it the ideal table for exploring, creating and investigating,” said Dr. Christina Counts, Vice President of Education for MiEN Company. “The built-in flexibility of its patent-pending design takes it from a bookcase to a four-person workstation to a storage unit in seconds. Students can use it whether they’re standing or seated. Casters can be added for easy mobility. In short, this durable, future-ready unit adapts to your needs in any learning environment.”

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