MiEN Company Announces New & Pending Patents

Innovative Designs will be featured at EDspaces 2022 Exhibition in Portland, Oregon Nov. 2-4

MiEN Company announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued patents for three of the company’s furnishing designs: the MUST+ Sit-2-Stand Table & Lectern, FFL chair series and FLEX Steps modular lounge and seating unit. Four other products are patent pending.

“Taking the time to obtain patents on our products is our way of showing our confidence in our products,” said MiEN Company President and CEO Remco Bergsma. “We conduct significant research so that we can effectively design furniture pieces that have a positive impact on learning. Our unique, innovative products provide enormous value in learning spaces all over the country, and our patents confirm this value in an official way.”

A list of MiEN’s patented and patent-pending products includes:

Patented Products

Patent No. D921408: MUST+ Sit-2-Stand Table & Lectern

The MUST+ Sit-2-Stand Table and Lectern is a perfect option for incorporating sit-to-stand desks in learning spaces. Whether schools add the MUST+ to the media center, modern classroom spaces or a makerspace, its innovative and versatile design of increases student engagement by allowing increased mobility and functionality.

Patent No. D912429 was issued for the designs in the FFL chair series:

– FFL 4-Leg Chair

This chair features a traditional four-leg base supporting a sleek and modern new chair shell. Available in a variety of colors, the chair has quickly become a classroom favorite.

– FFL Café Stool

The lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean stool is a contemporary and sleek option for any café space or common area.

– FFL Counter Stool

Like the café stool, the counter stool is a contemporary and sleek solution for learning space.

– FFL Lab Stool

The colorful, sturdy and easy-to-clean lab stool is a sleek new option for lab or makerspace environments.

– FFL Pneumatic Swivel Chair

This height-adjustable and easy-to-maneuver swivel chair has become a staple for the office and the active classroom.

– FFL Reverse Cantilever Chair

The chair’s smooth contemporary style is designed as a flexible classroom solution that can foster a collaborative class environment.

Patent No. 11,350,754: FLEX Steps

The FLEX Steps’ modular lounge and seating design can be customized to accommodate any learning environment, including libraries and common areas. MiEN’s innovative construction method allows units to be disassembled to fit through narrow doorways and makes it easy to replace just one seat or panel if fabric is punctured or damaged.

Patent Pending Products

– HIH Pneumatic Stool

Designed for any activity table or student desk, the pneumatic stool is available in two different height ranges that can be operated with a single button. The stool features a self-balancing base and an octagon-shaped seat that can easily hang from any classroom desk.

– L2 Tilt Dual Purpose Teacher Station

The tilt desk is a sit-stand solution that allows users to transition from sitting to standing in seconds. Its modern design includes details that facilitate ergonomic work and fit seamlessly into any learning environment.

– KIO Tinker Table

This 360-degree mobile bookcase doubles as a workstation, and it also provides storage and workspace for classrooms, media centers, makerspaces and STEM/STEAM spaces. The middle of the tabletop opens to reveal an inner compartment for storage. Additional storage is located on the exterior of the table for quick access to materials.

– KIO 360 Bookcase

This mobile bookcase has adjustable shelves on all four sides, offering an abundance of storage.

MiEN will be displaying a selection of its patented learning space furnishings, as well as several of the patent-pending products, at the EDspaces 2022 conference and exhibit, November 2-4. Conference attendees can visit company representatives on the EDspaces exhibition floor at booth #827.

“We’re looking forward to introducing more educators to our products,” said Bergsma. “It’s our mission to create future ready learning spaces that promote student engagement and creative thinking while reflecting the core culture of the school, and we are proud to highlight our top products at EDspaces this year.”

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