MERGE EDU Wins ISTE 2019 Best of Show Award

PHILADELPHIA, June 26, 2019 – MERGE has been awarded a Tech & Learning ISTE 2019 Best of Show award for its MERGE EDU software platform. Tech & Learning is a leading EdTech media publication and its ISTE 2019 Best of Show Awards celebrate those products and services exhibited at ISTE that show the greatest promise according to the country’s most tech-savvy educators.

MERGE EDU is a subscription-based AR/VR platform for STEM learning and digital creation designed to work with the award-winning MERGE Cube. The platform includes the Explorer app, a premium version of the Object Viewer app, activity plans, and a teacher dashboard. The Explorer app provides standards-aligned AR and VR content to support 21st Century Learning 4C’s. Students can visualize 3D models, perform a simulated frog dissection, experience scientific phenomenon, and place virtual objects in the real world. Students will master STEM subjects through teacher-assigned lessons or independently by progressing through learning modules. The new premium Object Viewer app converts 3D models and design projects into virtual objects you can hold on the MERGE Cube. This includes files from Paint 3D and Tinkercad. Teachers can also import 3D models from object libraries like Google Poly or Remix 3D to help students visualize concepts and engage in hands-on learning.

“It’s been a truly historic week for MERGE. We won a Best App for Teaching & Learning award at the American Library Association Annual Conference and now the Tech & Learning ISTE 2019 Best of Show award,” said Andrew Trickett, co-founder and CFO at MERGE. “What makes this week so special is that these awards were not for our beloved MERGE Cube, but instead for our MERGE EDU software platform that we designed for the MERGE Cube in response to educator requests at ISTE 2018. MERGE EDU is a fun, easy-to-use platform for hands-on learning and 21st Century skills development that provides equitable access for students of all learning abilities. We have exciting plans to deliver ongoing updates to deepen the content while integrating it with Microsoft classroom tools such as Teams, OneNote, and Immersive Reader.”

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Founded in 2014, MERGE develops award-winning augmented reality and virtual reality products for experiential learning and content creation. The company’s product ecosystem consists of MERGE Cube, MERGE Headset, MERGE Miniverse content portal and MERGE EDU active learning platform. Together, these products enable kids ages 10+ to interact with AR/VR content and experience the world around them in entirely new ways while giving teachers new tools to increase student engagement, intellectual curiosity and classroom achievement. The company’s AR/VR technology is being used in libraries, museums, universities, healthcare, environmental science, and other industries to enhance learning. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, USA, the company’s products are sold globally, including localized versions of many of its parent-approved apps on MERGE Miniverse. To learn more, visit the company’s website.

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