LINQ K-12 Customers Anticipated to Serve Nearly 4 Billion Meals to Students in Fiscal Year 2022

LINQ, creator of leading nutrition software solutions, today shares that its Nutrition customers’ usage data shows that nearly 4 billion meals were served to students in fiscal 2022 reflecting a 44 percent increase over the 2.7 billion meals served in fiscal 2021. LINQ Nutrition customers supported serving these meals while managing their reimbursements through state and federal nutrition programs.

The USDA reports on the overall number of meals served to students through a variety of nutrition programs with reimbursements of almost $9 billion to schools in fiscal 2021. Through LINQ Nutrition solutions, customers across the country can successfully manage their school nutrition programs, limiting food waste, nourishing students, and educating them on the importance of nutrition.

“We’re proud that we’ve enabled our customers to easily order, plan and provide students nutritious meals while getting reimbursed through state and federal programs,” said Brandy Keller, Senior VP of Product at LINQ. “Knowing that districts have been able to successfully manage their nutrition programs through LINQ, especially during the challenges of the last couple of years, reaffirms that we are accomplishing what we set out to do every day.”

LINQ Nutrition customers are seeing success in combatting issues related to inflation and supply chain. With the end of federal waivers, districts that utilized those funds to their fullest potential and can leverage other state and federal funding will have greater stability through these challenges.

“Nutrition management is no easy undertaking, regardless of the district’s background with nutrition solutions,” said Keller. “We can provide the scale and scope in nutrition management that helps districts of all sizes navigate the complexities. A strong nutrition management program ultimately improves the student experience by making sure all the right resources are in place to give them healthy meals.”

LINQ affirms they will continue working diligently with state agencies and school districts to anticipate trends for upcoming school years. This includes food order forecasting, assessing past ordering data and properly using reimbursement funds for different areas of school nutrition.  LINQ plans to provide updates to these metrics at the end of the 2022-23 school year.

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