Lightspeed Re-Launches Annual Employee Donation Program

Lightspeed, a leading provider of powerful instructional audio solutions, is giving employees the chance to donate Lightspeed’s Redcat instructional audio system with two Flexmikes to schools of their choice. This donation program supports Lightspeed’s mission to help students hear every word in the classroom.

The donation program includes everything from delivery to the installation of the instructional audio system. Given that Lightspeed is a 100 percent employee-owned company, this program helps Lightspeed employees support children and local schools that don’t have instructional audio systems in place to further enhance learning.

“Our employees care about our mission, and it starts at home,” said David Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at Lightspeed. “We believe strengthening the connection between teachers and students is at the heart of learning. This program provides an opportunity for our employees to share the benefits of our technology with the teachers and students who are important to them personally. Being an employee-owned company makes these kinds of programs a priority.”

Regina Johnson, a first-grade teacher at Wylam Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, received her Redcat instructional audio system with the hope of improving classroom instruction.

“I am thrilled to be chosen for Lightspeed’s donation program,” said Regina Johnson. “This technology is going to be a game-changer for me and my students. Teaching little ones can be tough because they are still learning to read and write. Thanks to Lightspeed, my students will be more engaged than ever because they’ll be able to clearly hear me.”

Elizabeth Garrison, a kindergarten teacher at Edward Byrom Elementary School in Tualatin, Oregon, received Lightspeed’s Redcat instructional audio system through the employee donation program as well.

“Receiving Lightspeed’s Redcat instructional audio system has truly been a gift for my students and our classroom,” said Garrison. “Lightspeed gives my students confidence and a voice—all while amplifying our stories, music, lessons and more.”

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