Lightspeed Launches Networked Instructional Audio Platform, Cascadia, Enabling Teacher-Centric Communication for School Success and Safety

Cascadia offers instructional audio in the classroom and supports communication across the campus

Lightspeed, the leading provider of instructional audio solutions that create equal access to learning, announces the launch of Cascadia. Cascadia, a networked instructional audio platform, effortlessly projects the teacher’s voice within the classroom while also empowering teachers to call for help and communicate outside of the classroom directly from their lanyard microphone.

Cascadia delivers all the benefits of instructional audio and integrates with existing life-safety and building communication systems, providing the ability to initiate mobile, silent emergency alerts and make two-way calls to the office from anywhere in the building.

“The need for teachers to communicate with resources outside of the classroom continues to grow, whether in an emergency or simply when help is needed,” said Shaun Fagan, Senior Vice President of Product and Lightspeed. “With Cascadia, schools can now meet this need by providing teachers with a communication tool that offers mobility, simplicity, and immediacy.”

Cascadia connects to a school’s network, providing centralized monitoring and control, along with key integrations to critical building-wide communications. The Cascadia platform provides:

  • Timely alerts from anywhere in the building
  • Communication to the office with two-way calling
  • Real-time teacher location during an active alert
  • Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) to leverage network infrastructure
  • Integration with classroom multimedia
  • Student sharing with Sharemike

“By integrating with leading life-safety and building communication providers, our solutions provide schools with the flexibility to leverage their existing investments and build the best systems to meet their needs,” said Fagan.

This networked communication system can enhance existing safety protocols and procedures, which is vital for students and parents. Students (87%), parents (96%), and educators (98%) all agree that school safety is extremely important to them, according to the 2022 State of School Safety Report by Safe and Sound Schools.

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