Lexia Nationwide Report Finds 80% of Students Using Lexia Core5 Reading Did Not Experience Literacy Learning Loss During Remote & Hybrid Learning in 2020-21

Lexia® Learning, a Cambium Learning® Group company, today released new research titled “Using Lexia Core5 Reading to Address Learning Loss and Accelerate Learning: Insights from a 2020-21 Nationwide Study.” The study examines the literacy impact of elementary students using Lexia® Core5® Reading (Core5) in fully remote and hybrid instructional environments during the 2020-21 school year.

Lexia researchers tracked the progress of approximately 13,000 students in grades 1-5 across 35 schools in California, Michigan, and North Carolina. To gauge students’ progress, the schools administered the Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP) Growth Reading assessment, which measures grade-level reading achievement and growth, during the 2020-21 academic year.

Key findings from the report showed that most students who used Core5 demonstrated steady learning progress, with the majority meeting their projected growth targets in Reading:

  • Over 80% of students who used Core5 did not have learning loss.
  • Over 40% of students who used Core5 exceeded their MAP Growth targets.
  • Core5 helped all students learn during pandemic-induced disruptions in 2020-21, regardless of their gender, race/ethnicity, English Learner or special education status.

“These results are really striking because regardless of students’ demographic, productive use of Core5 increased the probability they didn’t experience learning loss,” said Lexia Learning President, Nick Gaehde. “When the lockdowns began, teachers were able to quickly move from using Core5 in physical classrooms to using it for remote learning. These results show that the program can effectively support student learning in both remote and in-person environments.”

Core5 is an adaptive learning program that accelerates the foundational and advanced literacy skills for students of all abilities in elementary grades. The research-proven program provides all students—from at-risk to on-level and advanced—a systematic and structured approach to phonological awareness, oral language, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. With Core5, teachers are empowered to differentiate instruction for each student using meaningful data powered by Lexia’s patented Assessment Without Testing® technology. The embedded assessment technology predicts students’ year-end performance and provides ongoing norm-referenced and actionable data to help teachers prioritize and plan instruction with the offline instructional materials.

“As schools and districts recover from the effects of the pandemic, investing in programs that address learning loss with focused skill development are essential to accelerate student learning,” said Gaehde. “Lexia is supporting teachers with a clear picture of student literacy progress during the pandemic and the exact instruction required to get students back on track as they return to the classroom.”

The full “Using Lexia Core5 Reading” report is available at

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