Lexia Announces 2023 Science of Reading Week

An increasing number of educators are becoming aware that aligning teaching practice with scientifically-researched methods accelerates students’ literacy gains. In fact, Lexia’s education experts and associates have found that by connecting science of reading knowledge with instruction, schools and districts can realize exponential change in just one academic year. To help educators better understand the science of reading, Lexia is hosting a “Science of Reading Week,” featuring five edWebinars moderated by thought leaders active in the national literacy conversation.

During the weeklong event, attendees will join presenters in unpacking the science of reading through the lenses of national public perception, equity and implementation as well as teachers’ role and responsibility.

Monday, April 24; 12PM – 1PM ET

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Louisa C. Moats

Dr. Moats is the author of the award-winning professional learning program LETRS, the president of Moats Associates Consulting, Inc. and the recipient of awards from the International Dyslexia Association®, Learning Difficulties Australia and The Reading League. She and Dr. Liz Brooke, Chief Learning Officer at Lexia Learning, will have a fireside chat about the necessity of high-quality professional learning for educators, how LETRS came to be and what’s needed to keep kids on the right literacy track today. Cassandra Wheeler, senior manager of LETRS State Success at Lexia, will moderate.

Tuesday, April 25

Ask Me Anything with Donna Hejtmanek

Donna Hejtmanek is a former teacher, reading specialist, legislative champion, and the owner of the popular Facebook group “Science of Reading–What I Should Have Learned in College.” She will be answering questions about the Science of Reading, implementation, and best practices to help students succeed.

Wednesday, April 26

Beyond the Brain: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Equity

This edWebinar will feature Horacio Sanchez, the president and CEO of Resiliency, Inc.; Maya Goodall, Lexia’s senior director of Emergent Bilingual Curriculum, and Kerri Larkin, Lexia’s senior strategic partnership development manager. The three will talk about the connection between optimal brain function and literacy success. Cassandra Wheeler, senior manager of LETRS State Success at Lexia, will moderate as Sanchez, Goodall and Larkin discuss how factors like poverty and lack of resources can impact students in the classroom and how neuroscience can help educators better support all their students.

Thursday, April 27

Empowering Teachers to Reclaim Their Joy: A Rejuvenation Conversation

Attendees will listen in as accomplished educators and educational activists Jacqueline Greer and Dr. Charlene Evans-Smith join Kerri Larkin, Lexia’s senior strategic partnership development manager, to discuss how educational leaders can shift school culture to one that supports and celebrates teachers, resulting in improved student outcomes. Cassandra Wheeler, senior manager of LETRS State Success at Lexia, will moderate the panel discussion.

Friday, April 28

“The Right to Read:” A Conversation with Kareem Weaver

In the April 28 edWebinar, Dr. Liz Brooke, Chief Learning Officer of Lexia Learning, will join award-winning teacher, administrator, advocate, and star of “The Right to Read” Kareem Weaver and representatives from two respected organizations, the International Dyslexia Association and The Reading League. Together, they will engage in conversations on the next steps in the fight to make sure all students learn to read.

In addition, between April 24 – 30, attendees will have the opportunity to view the documentary film “The Right to Read.” Produced by LeVar Burton, the documentary explores the state of literacy in the United States and ways to solve students’ literacy challenges.

There is no cost to attend these webinars, but registration is required. For more information, please go to

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