Kojo Quartey, Champion of Equity

From the Nov./Dec. 2020 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

Originally from Ghana, Dr. Kojo Quartey spent his college years in a rough-and-tumble inner-city Baltimore neighborhood and eventually earned a Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi. Along the way, he learned more than anyone should ever have to learn about racism.

“I see education as the cure for ignorance, the cure for poverty, the key to success, the roadmap to prosperity, and the ticket to the middle class.” – Kojo Quartey

Now President of Monroe County Community College in Michigan, Kojo is spearheading efforts within his county for each local public school district to adopt a statement and policies that condemn racism. He also works with local early childhood advocacy teams and is starting a support network to build awareness about race at the earliest levels. He recently delivered a keynote speech, “Unity in the Community,” at a local event. He also organized and leads a group that meets each month to focus on “An Honest Conversation About Racism.”

  • Learn more about his role at Monroe County Community College

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