KidWind & STEM Superheroes Partner to Create “Energize Your School” Initiative to Promote Energy Literacy and STEM Careers in K-8 Classrooms

Partnership will bring hands-on and career-focused STEM programming to afterschool programs and classroom teachers

The KidWind Project, an international leader in clean energy education, and STEM Superheroes, an educational consulting group sharing stories of careers and superpowers of real women working in STEM fields, have partnered to create an initiative to promote energy literacy and energy careers to all students, with a particular focus on young women. The Energize Your School initiative combines the children’s book, Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers, and hands-on renewable energy activities. This partnership will support students and teachers to make the connection between learning about renewable energy and the many careers available in STEM (science, technology, engineering or math).

The KidWind Project and STEM Superheroes are launching this initiative at four Afterschool Alliance’s  Lights On Afterschool programs. Taking place on October 20, 2022, in afterschool programs in Boston, Chattanooga, Houston, and Oklahoma City, these celebrations will feature Energy Superheroes and hands-on activities using KidWind Firefly Turbines.

“The Afterschool Alliance is doing great work highlighting the benefits of afterschool programs, including introducing students to new and exciting potential career paths,” said Michael Arquin, founder of KidWind. “We’re excited to partner with them and the authors of Everyday Superheroes to promote STEM careers and energy literacy to all students, with a particular focus on young women.”

For the Lights On Afterschool program, STEM Superheroes matched local Energy Superheroes – real-life women featured in the new children’s book, Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers  – with an afterschool location. Superheroes will share their stories and careers with students and their families during the events. Students will receive a donated copy of the book and participate in building a wind turbine from the KidWind Project. Pairing these books with hands-on activities will help students learn how energy is used to light cities, build homes, charge favorite devices, and so much more. In addition to the support of KidWind, Afterschool Alliance and STEM Superheroes, these Lights On Afterschool events are made possible with the help of many volunteers and generous contributions from national sponsors, including FirstLight Power, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Pattern Energy, Siemens Energy, and Women’s Energy Network Boston.

About the Energize Your School Initiative:
The goal of the Energize Your School initiative is to promote energy literacy and energy careers to all students, with a particular focus on young women. The initiative has already reached more than 300 students, and the target for the 2022-23 school year is to support 500 teachers who impact at least 15,000 students. To learn more about the Energize Your School initiative, visit

About Lights On Afterschool:
Organized by the Afterschool Alliance and launched in October 2000, Lights On Afterschool is the only annual nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families, and communities. The effort has become a hallmark of the afterschool movement and generates media coverage across the country each year. Thousands of afterschool programs across the nation will celebrate Lights On Afterschool on or around October 20, with STEM fests, open houses, parades,

and more. For more information, visit

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