Jill Ackers, Champion of Equity

Jill Ackers, Champion of Equity

From the Nov./Dec. 2020 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

As an educator with more than 20 years of experience, Jill Ackers brings her passion for constructivist learning, languages, and technology to educators through authentic, relevant learning and professional development.

“Curiosity is the core element of greater humanity. Giving all learners an equitable opportunity to collaborate, create, and communicate with equal affordances through authentic, relevant, and complex learning experiences. It means reimagining the antiquated systems to move learners beyond mere tokens but making them real agents in their own learning.” — Jill Ackers

Jill Ackers regularly supports teachers and administrators in developing capacities, competencies, structures, and systems that result in powerful 21st-century learning experiences and outcomes for students. Jill works with educators to help them prepare to transition to evolving pedagogies and work together in a new collaborative team organization within newly designed innovative learning communities.

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