It All Adds Up: UK Primary School Announces New Partnership to Help Pupils Succeed in Math

A UK Primary School has announced a new partnership which will see Discovery Education’s DoodleLearning forming a key pillar of their approach to teaching and learning in Math.

Christchurch Junior School in Dorset is partnering with DoodleLearning, the award-winning makers of DoodleMaths – a revolutionary app which gives children a personalized program, tailored to their learning needs.  Using the latest adaptive technology, the app boosts children’s confidence and ability in Math, equipping them with the numeracy skills they need for success.

Designed by teachers for teachers, DoodleMaths combine high-quality digital content with educational supports to encourage children to learn in an engaging and personal way. Accessible anywhere, DoodleMaths will be used by the school’s approximately 500 pupils – ages 7 to 11 – in the classroom and at home. The children will also benefit from access to DoodleTables, an interactive times tables app which uses fun exercises and games to help children to master multiplications.

Acquired by Discovery Education in August of 2022, UK-based DoodleLearning offers four products supporting teaching in Math and English Language. Designed for children aged from 2 to 11 years, the innovative apps have been used by over one million children in the U.K. and around the world. As part of the Discovery Education family of services, DoodleLearning is applying its educational ability to building and deploying affordable learning solutions for students worldwide.

Dan Breeze, Math Lead at Christchurch Junior School said: “At Christchurch Junior School, we believe that every child can succeed in Math and we’re committed to creating learning environments which are engaging, fun and interactive. Our children were extremely positive about DoodleLearning from its launch; they told us that the app was highly intuitive and provided just the right level of challenge and support to help them make excellent progress in math. In a matter of weeks, Doodle has become a key part of our approach; the way that it continually adapts to each child’s needs without significant impact on staff workload has really impressed us.”

Carrie McCarthy, School Success Advisor at Discovery Education said, “Discovery Education and DoodleLearning are excited to partner with Christchurch Junior School. The addition of DoodleLearning to the school’s suite of digital resources will deepen pupil engagement and achievement in Math. We look forward to supporting the school’s talented team of educators as they work these resources into pupils’ daily math experience.”

Find out more about DoodleLearning’s apps at Explore Discovery Education’s award-winning curriculum-matched digital resources at

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