Irvine Unified School District Adds Care Solace to its Comprehensive Mental Health & Wellness Services

Partnership provides an added layer of support to ensure families, faculty and staff connect to mental health services

“The Irvine Unified School District’s priority is the health, wellbeing and safety of our students, staff and families,” said Arthur Cummins, IUSD Coordinator, Prevention and Intervention. “In the last five years, IUSD has invested more than $15 million in mental health and wellness initiatives. Partnering with Care Solace is an extension of this commitment that will enable our district to better serve students, families and staff by assisting them in navigating mental health services in the community.”

IUSD is partnering with Care Solace to support its mission of providing school-based mental health and wellness services and resources to students and families. These services include short-term individual or group counseling for students at the school site; solution-focused therapy for students and families through the Irvine Family Resource Center; and resource linkages to community-based mental health or social services for students and families. IUSD mental health services are provided by counselors or licensed mental health professionals.

With Care Solace, students, staff, and their families gain access to a dedicated Care Concierge to navigate the mental health care system on their behalf, calling providers to find the right fit and availability. They help with private insurance, Medi-Cal, and no insurance, and are available 24/7 in any language.

“Creating a healthy environment for learning in the 2020-21 school year has arguably never been more challenging for staff and families,” said Chad Castruita, founder of Care Solace. “We are proud to support IUSD in prioritizing the wellbeing of its school community by providing timely access into mental health care services.”

Irvine Unified School District’s partnership with Care Solace allows IUSD students, staff, and their families to access Care Solace at no cost.

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