International Conference on Educational Innovation to Design the Future of Education

The seventh annual edition of the conference will feature speakers from around the world and the launch of the Institute for the Future of Education

On December 14–18, Technológico de Monterrey hosts the seventh annual International Conference on Educational Innovation (CIIE). The virtual event will bring together experts and teachers from around the world to discuss the trends and practices revolutionizing teaching and learning at this pivotal time for education. The theme for this year’s conference is “Designing the Future of Education,” and the 100% online conference will offer keynotes and panels in six tracks:

        1. Educational trends

        2. Educational technologies

        3. Educational innovation management

        4. Academic health innovation

        5. Lifelong learning

        6. Edtech entrepreneurship

“In the face of the pandemic, educators are grappling with issues such as equal access, the digital divide, quality and digitization of content, new teaching strategies, and assessment of learning outcomes,” said José Escamilla, the director of CIIE and TecLabs – Learning Reimagined. “CIIE will give teachers and administrators from around the world a forum to share their teaching experiences, collaborate with colleagues, and consolidate joint working agreements that have the potential to transform education and make it more accessible.”

Panels of international academic leaders will address topics such as “Reimagining Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic,” “Women in Higher Education Leadership,” and “How Public-Private Collaboration Can Favor Innovation in Universities in Latin America and The Caribbean.”

Keynote speakers will include:

  • Ángel Cabrera, president of the Georgia Institute of Technology, speaking about “Sustainable Development Goals: How Universities Can Maximize our Impact”;
  • Founder and CEO of Character Lab Angela Duckworth on “How and Why to Develop Character”;
  • Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Holon IQ Patrick Brothers on “The Global Innovation Landscape”;
  • Conrad Wolfram, CEO and European co-founder of Wolfram and founder of Computer-Based Maths, on “Fundamentally Fixing Math Education: Computational Thinking for the AI Age”; and
  • Richard J. Davidson, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry Founder and Director, Center for Healthy Mind, University of Wisconsin–Madison on “Educating for a healthy mind”.

On Friday, December 18, a special event will celebrate the launch of the Institute for the Future of Education (IFE), a nonprofit that is the first of its kind in Latin America. IFE will create, promote, and drive disruptive solutions for education development. Like CIIE, IFE aims to bring together specialists from all latitudes to share technology-powered solutions to today’s educational challenges.

In addition to access to the keynote lectures and a total of 250 simultaneous activities, attendees will receive evidence of their digital participation.

Educators can register here.

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