Intelitek’s New SmartLogistics Learning Solution Educates Students on Automated Industrial Supply Chain

Complete multi-functional smart warehouse solution allows students to practice what they learn and earn certification

The surge in digital commerce has spurred companies to invest heavily in automated logistics processes to enhance their supply chains. As a result, businesses now have a strong need for workers who can install, maintain, operate, and even modify sophisticated logistics environments. Intelitek’s new SmartLogistics 4.0 training environment allows learners to delve into the technologies and skills typically found in smart warehouses and modern industrial logistics operations.

Centered around an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), the SmartLogistics 4.0 platform integrates automated storage, robotics, assembly, sorting, packing, and palletizing. Students learn not only how advanced logistics technologies work but also how those components work together. That system-based approach also involves educating students about systems integration, networking and communications, and essential skills.

The system was developed in collaboration with Dr Uri Ben Hanan, CTO of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute in Karmiel, Israel. The institute, founded and financed by the Ministry of Economy and Industry in Israel, works to create a thriving, efficient, and innovative Israeli industry by implementing advanced manufacturing processes.

“Smart Warehousing and Smart Logistics are central to business efficiency and Industry 4.0,” said Merav Grossman, CEO of The Advanced Manufacturing Institute. “Intelitek has provided us with a solution we can use to demonstrate leading industrial companies how to improve productivity in the manufacturing industry by implementing advanced technologies.”

The SmartLogistics 4.0 training system includes a scalable e-learning curriculum that combines core learning courses and a program specifically focused on smart logistics. The curriculum is delivered through Intelitek’s advanced LearnMate LMS and includes self-paced or instructor-led learning, project-based learning, labs, and capstone projects. Students learn:

  • About robotics and the role of robotics in smart logistics
  • About all the components in smart warehouses
  • How robotics and other systems interact and are integrated
  • To program, operate, and maintain smart warehouses

Intelitek has aligned its curriculum to industry-recognized credentials and partnered with leading certification bodies like NIMS as well as industry-leading vendors like Rockwell, Siemens, Cognex, and Yaskawa to deliver certifications.

“Our SmartLogistics 4.0 training environment is ideal for delving into Industry 4.0 skills like advanced communication, Internet of Things, data analytics, and automation,” said Graham Celine, VP, Business Development of Intelitek. “Learners gain hands-on experience in an integrated, end-to-end process with real industrial equipment capable of working with real products.”

The SmartLogistics solution has generated interest throughout the country and the world. Industrial companies are implementing advanced logistics technologies and they need workers who are technically advanced, process savvy, and natural problem solvers. Schools offering this program are graduating students with depth knowledge of the concepts of smart warehousing, supply chain, fulfillment, and logistics and are better equipped to find long-term and well-paid jobs.

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