Impero Creates Cloud-Based Platform to Support Schools during Hybrid Learning

New platform combines classroom management and safeguarding tools to support safe and productive digital learning

Student safety leader Impero today launched a cloud-based platform, built on state-of-the-art technology, that provides teachers, school counselors and administers with classroom management and student safety solutions, all in one place, to support hybrid learning.

COVID-19 has changed the way schools deliver instruction and has highlighted the need for solutions to support the continuation of education whether students are learning in class or through distance learning. The tools in Impero’s new platform help teachers manage student devices and stay on top of potential safety or health concerns. Because the platform is cloud-based and the tools work with multiple devices, it is a well-rounded solution to support instruction, whether students are learning online, in person, or in a hybrid model during COVID-19 and beyond.

Impero’s new cloud-based services include:

Impero class:room which puts teachers in control with powerful, easy-to-use classroom management features so they can confidently deliver online instruction and improve engagement, across every device. Features include the ability to view learners’ devices, control access to the internet, lock students’ screens, send messages securely and block certain websites. Impero class:room is also the first of its type to fully embed into Microsoft Teams.

Impero well:being helps school staff identify students who may be at risk of participating in harmful online behavior and build a full picture for early intervention. Using Impero’s keyword detection software, staff can monitor a student’s online activity in real-time and receive flags for potentially concerning behavior. Teachers can analyze the screenshot from the student’s screen, log the incident and assign it to other relevant staff members.

The platform works on all of the major operating systems, Windows, Chrome, Mac, iOS and Android.

The platform builds on Impero’s free student safety product, Impero back:drop, which provides the core features needed to record and manage safety concerns. When paired with the new services, Impero class:room and Impero well:being, the functionality is enhanced to deliver classroom management and a holistic chronology of students’ wellbeing.

“At Impero, we believe that every school’s first responsibility is to keep their learners safe wherever they are, which is why we developed Impero back:drop as a free to use cloud-based service,” said Justin Reilly, CEO of Impero. “Once students are safe, schools must educate them. By using the full suite of tools – Impero class:room and Impero well:being – teachers can create the ultimate hybrid learning environment. The robust classroom management features help teachers keep children engaged in lessons by creating a slick virtual learning environment. Meanwhile, the student safety features help teachers keep a closer eye on their students’ mental health. It’s the perfect tool for the current moment and for the inevitable blended learning environments of the future.”

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