iCEV Launches Eduthings Nationwide to Streamline Data Management and Reporting for Career & Technical Education (CTE) Leaders

iCEV, a leading producer of Career & Technical Education (CTE) curriculum, industry certification preparation and testing, and data management, is addressing the data and reporting needs of CTE leaders with the nationwide launch of Eduthings. The online platform acts as an all-in-one command center allowing CTE educators and administrators to securely manage, analyze, and report on CTE data related to industry-based certifications, work-based learning, career and technical student organizations (CTSOs), advisory boards, and inventory.

“School and district-level CTE leaders are increasingly being asked to collect and report on more student data, which is often a complicated, manual process requiring a lot of time. Even with this data, it can be difficult for administrators to have full insight into their CTE programs because of the limitations of traditional data management systems,” said Dusty Moore, iCEV CEO. “Eduthings solves these issues. Using this first-of-its-kind platform, CTE leaders across the country can now more efficiently—and effectively—collect, manage, and analyze CTE data. This will ensure they are meeting the reporting requirements of funding programs, help better inform their decision-making process, and further strengthen their CTE programs as they focus on improving student outcomes.”

Eduthings is compatible with the majority of today’s student information systems (SIS) and is designed specifically to meet the needs of CTE educators and administrators. This includes the ability to collect, analyze, and share CTE data based on courses, programs of study, students, teachers, and more, as well as to consolidate reporting based on CTE program indicators such as CTE completers/concentrators and CTSO participation. Eduthings additionally helps administrators develop reports for various compliance regulations, including those for Perkins V CLNA, state accountability, school and advisory boards, and more.

Originally created for CTE educators in Texas, Eduthings is currently serving more than 140 districts and more than 940,000 CTE students in grades 7-12 across the state. Now, with this launch, the platform will be available for CTE programs nationwide.
“Simplifying CTE data tracking is important to us, especially when it comes to tracking industry-based certifications in one, unified place, and Eduthings is very practical and easy for everyone to use,” said Coleman Bruman, CTE director of Garland Independent School District in Garland, Texas. “Once you start training a teacher on how to use Eduthings, it doesn’t take them very much time at all to be able to use it on their own. It’s very intuitive. Overall, I’m really impressed not only by how much easier Eduthings makes our teachers’ lives, but also my own as an administrator.”
Eduthings is backed by iCEV’s leading customer support and service. The iCEV team has decades of technical expertise and is committed to ensuring the success of CTE programs.

“Our company is built on the foundation of cultivating meaningful relationships with our customers and understanding their unique needs,” said Moore. “With Eduthings, just like with all iCEV offerings, we will provide CTE educators with the laser-focused support and resources they need to successfully run their CTE programs.”

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