iCEV Hosting Free Professional Development Online Seminar to Support Career & Technical Education (CTE) Teachers and Administrators

iCEV, a leading producer of Career & Technical Education (CTE) curriculum, industry certification preparation and testing, and CTE data management, is hosting its annual Back-to-School Seminar to support CTE teachers and administrators as they prepare for the 2024-25 school year. This free, virtual professional development event, which is open to all CTE educators, will take place on Wednesday, August 7, 2024 and offer nine sessions throughout the day. Topics will include timely CTE trends, platform updates, and more.

Interested educators can register for the iCEV Back-to-School Seminar at

“With the increasing emphasis on—and need for—CTE in today’s schools, it’s important for teachers and administrators to be in-the-know when it comes to the latest CTE trends and resources available to them,” said Dusty Moore, CEO of iCEV. “From our exciting keynote presentation to timely sessions on teacher retention and CTE funding, our Back-To-School Seminar provides a valuable professional learning opportunity for CTE educators as they work to strengthen their CTE programs for next school year and beyond.”

The seminar will kick off at 10 a.m. CDT with the hour-long keynote session, “Teaching With Impact & Courage: Unlocking Five Strategies for Effective Educators,” hosted by National Board Certified Teacher, Administrator, and TED-Ed Speaker Ming Shelby, Ed.S. During this session, attendees will learn effective strategies to create a nurturing and secure learning environment in which students feel safe, supported, and motivated to step out of their comfort zones and acquire new skills.

Led by iCEV experts, the proceeding 45-minute sessions include:

● What’s New at iCEV
● Command Your CTE Data with Eduthings
● Best Foot Forward: Kicking off the First Week of School with iCEV
● Recruit & Retain: Strategies for Finding & Keeping Quality Educators
● Future-Ready Teaching: Nurturing 21st Century Skills in the Classroom
● Funding First: Unlocking Resources for Career & Technical Education Programs
● Crafting Effective Assessments: Unlocking iCEV’s Custom Exam Tool
● Discover New Certification Updates

All attendees will receive completion certificates for participating in the sessions. These sessions will additionally be available on-demand for educators to access throughout the year.

To learn more about the iCEV Back-to-School Seminar and to register, visit

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