iCEV Congratulates the Winners of the 2024 All-Star Automotive Technology Competition

iCEV, a leading producer of Career & Technical Education (CTE) curriculum, industry certification preparation and testing, and data management, congratulates the winners of the 2024 All-Star Automotive Technology Competition sponsored by the South Carolina Transportation Education and Business Alliance (SCTEBA) and the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE). The competition brings together students from secondary Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-accredited programs across South Carolina to take an online test hosted by iCEV followed by a day-long, hands-on challenge where students demonstrate their automotive knowledge and skills.

Cameron Stidham of Anderson Institute of Technology in Anderson, SC won this year’s competition. Toler Hornick of the Center for Advanced Technical Studies in Chapin, SC earned second place, and Owen Holby of Clover High School in Clover, SC earned third place.

“Qualified auto engineers and technicians provide such a valuable service and will always be in high demand,” said Dusty Moore, CEO of iCEV. “Alongside our partners at SCTEBA and the SCDE, we congratulate all of the winners and participants of this year’s all-star competition who demonstrated the vast knowledge and specialized skills needed for future success in the automotive industry.”

iCEV collaborated with industry experts and SCTEBA to develop the exam portion of the contest which covered ASE A1-A8 standards focused on topics such as engine repair, automatic transmission and transaxle, suspension and steering, brakes, HVAC, and more.  Of the more than 100 students who completed the online test hosted by iCEV, a total of 12 students—three of whom received perfect scores—advanced to the hands-on competition held at Midlands Technical College’s Beltline Campus in Columbia, SC. This part of the competition involved students completing manual tasks to demonstrate their skills related to the ASE standards.

The three winners each received a rolling tool chest with a 428-piece tool set, in addition to other prizes, while all participants in the hands-on competition received a mechanics rolling tool cart and 262-piece tool set. Additionally, SCTEBA awarded the automotive program at Anderson Institute of Technology $6,000 to be used for program improvement as part of Stidham receiving first place, as well as $4,000 to the Center for Advanced Technical Studies to be used for program improvement and $2,000 to Clover High School to be used for program improvement as part of Hornick and Holby placing second and third, respectively.

“Cameron and I are very thankful for the opportunities and rewards that the SCDE, SCTEBA, iCEV, and CTE offers high school students,” said John Alexander, automotive technology services instructor at Anderson Institute of Technology. “We are very honored and proud to be a part of these great opportunities, and to be in a state such as South Carolina that offers great opportunities in the automotive career sector.”

SCTEBA is a non-profit organization created through a grant between the South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (SCADA) and the SCDE. It promotes careers, education, and training to secondary schools, teachers, and students in the Auto, Collision, and Truck Programs throughout South Carolina.

This is the 15th year SCTEBA and the SCDE have sponsored the All-Star Automotive Technology Competition and the first year iCEV has hosted the online test.

In addition to the SCTEBA All-Star Challenge, iCEV is involved in and sponsors a number of student competitions, including Career & Technical Student Organization (CSTO) events across the country, throughout the year.

To learn more about SCTEBA, visit To learn more about the SCDE, visit And, to learn more about iCEV, visit

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