Homeschool Buyers Club launches new Curriculum Selection Engine

This free resource matches homeschool curriculum and products to a child’s learning needs and style.

Homeschool Buyers Club has launched the Curriculum Selection Engine, a free, easy-to-use online tool that will save homeschoolers hours of searching for the right curriculum for their children. The Curriculum Selection Engine is a one-of-a-kind, scientifically designed brief questionnaire for parents that uses a proprietary algorithm to match a child’s learning style and interests to homeschool curricula best suited to each child’s unique and specific needs. After answering a few questions, the results will present a personalized list of the best products available to meet a homeschooler’s preferences and budget.

Brad Saft, CEO of Homeschool Buyers Club said, “Our team at Homeschool Buyers Club developed our new Curriculum Selection Engine to be the first of its kind in homeschooling. Whether a family is new to homeschooling or has been teaching at home for decades, the Curriculum Selection Engine will identify the products that are ideal for each child.”

Homeschool Buyers Club’s Curriculum Selection Engine was developed from the company’s 17 years of experience serving over 300,000 member families in the homeschool community.  The Curriculum Selection Engine can help families select the perfect core and supplemental educational curriculum from more than 2,300 products on the Homeschool Buyers Club site.

Homeschooling families are using the Curriculum Selection Engine to save time and reduce the guesswork in choosing the right homeschool curriculum for homeschool students. The Curriculum Selection Engine simplifies the homeschool planning and buying process by identifying curriculum most suited to a child’s interests and at-home education needs.

This free Curriculum Selection Engine is available at

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