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Re-ignite that sense of purpose.

Empower all faculty to understand and reframe student behaviors.

Leverage the force that brought us to this profession in the first place: compassion.

Research shows it’s more effective to retain current students
than to recruit prospective students

The past several years have seen a concerted effort to increase the number of first-generation, low-income and marginalized students in institutes of higher education. Some studies show that 36 percent of college freshmen are first-generation students.

Amelia Leighton Gamel knows first-generation students and how to retain them. Her latest data shows that she retains 90% of her college students, and her workshops offer an equitable approach that gives students what they need to be successful.


A Compassionate Teaching Reset
Professional Learning For Faculty & Staff

This high-impact training is based on the 5-star rated book Compassionate Teaching by Amelia Leighton Gamel.

Part 1 of A Compassionate Teaching Reset includes 20 copies of the book.

Give your faculty easy-to-implement strategies to:

  • Understand student behaviors, beliefs, and values

  • Build rapport with and among students 

  • Encourage a sense of belonging on campus 

Two 90-minute sessions create an immediate impact


Part 1

A powerful training where teachers experience a transformational shift in their understanding and reframing of students’ behaviors

Informed by a clear description of how under-resourced cultures impact students (and their families) and how that plays out in classrooms, attendees leave this session prepared to put compassionate, high-impact practices to immediate use.


Part 2

Educators and leaders gain deep insight into how they can build compassionate teaching into everything they do in the classroom

Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach, attendees gain actionable insight into how their own beliefs, thoughts and feelings can interfere with, or promote, compassionate approaches when responding to challenging student situations. 

About Amelia Leighton Gamel

Amelia Leighton Gamel, a nationally recognized educator, author, trainer and speaker, delivers uniquely impactful and thought-provoking training sessions that are improving teacher retention and morale at schools throughout the United States. The effectiveness and popularity of her training program have led to the formation of Equitable EDU, LLC, through which she provides highly interactive professional development to pre K-20 educators.

Gamel first put her commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into practice as an educator in a K-12 urban school system, where she purposefully and successfully created and modeled equity-minded and race-conscious teaching. With nearly 10 years of K-12 teaching experience, she then worked in higher ed as a Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and tenured Assistant Professor.

Gamel has authored numerous academic books and publications that address how educators can leverage the power of compassion to help students succeed. Gamel is also a recurring guest on Education Talk Radio and other media platforms that focus on groundbreaking professional development.

Teaching and learning will never go “back to normal” — and shouldn’t.

Amelia Leighton Gamel takes educators beyond pre-COVID practices and into a new, better era, where empathy and understanding augment the important work they do.

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