High-Impact Tutoring Experts to Share Ways Intervention Mitigates Learning Loss on edWebinar Panel, Sponsored by Cignition

Panel discussion to focus on best practices for integrating high-impact tutoring into learning to help struggling students on February 28, 2024, 2:00pm EDT

Cignition, a K-12 virtual tutoring provider, today announced its sponsorship of an upcoming edLeader panel focused on how to effectively integrate high-impact tutoring into the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) framework. The discussion will highlight best practices and practical tips for K-12 district leaders seeking to enhance student engagement, increase learning outcomes and strengthen the overall effectiveness of tutoring initiatives.

With a focus on district and school leaders, the edLeader panel will highlight practical strategies for designing dynamic intervention programs, such as the importance of tapping into the expertise of trained and certified educators to serve as interventionists, the collaboration between teachers and tutors, selecting students for a tutoring program and scheduling tutoring sessions to enhance engagement. The panel will also explore strategies for integrating high-impact tutoring across MTSS tiers to support varied learning needs and the role of continuous assessment in optimizing tutoring strategies. Additionally, the webinar will provide insights into aligning funding sources with educational goals to ensure effective and equitable intervention programs.

Panelists include Susanna Loeb, Stanford University Graduate School of Education professor, Sarah Wilson, Future Forward Ohio, and Angelin Thompson, director of Extended Academic Learning for Denver Public Schools. Toni Rader, vice president of Learning Quality and Operations at Cignition, will serve as moderator.

“Cignition’s mission is to level the playing field for students regardless of ability or access and to offer educators powerful tools to ensure classroom success for students,” said Mike Cohen, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Cignition. “We are excited to present these robust best practices to administrators nationwide to empower them to develop exciting and engaging experiences for educators and students alike.”

Research has shown that the tailored, focused approach of high-impact/dosage tutoring, defined as 1:1 or small group sessions at least three times a week, is a powerful tool in combating learning loss. In collaboration with MTSS, a structured, evidence-based approach to teaching and intervention that addresses the “whole child,” high-impact tutoring can significantly enhance each tier of the MTSS framework, which is designed to support every student’s academic and behavioral needs, recognizing that each student has unique needs. The robust combination of high-dosage tutoring with MTSS provides critical classroom support, targeted intervention and individualized instruction.

Loeb, who is the founder and acting executive director of the National Student Support Accelerator, which aims to expand access to relationship-based, high-impact tutoring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, commented that high-dosage tutoring is particularly useful in bridging learning gaps students have experienced over the last few years.

“With ESSER funds winding down, districts and states are making difficult decisions about which student supports they should continue for the long haul,” said Loeb. “Recent research keeps showing that high-impact tutoring integrated into the school day is the most effective approach to accelerating student learning, even though it is challenging to add into school programming. Integrating high-impact tutoring within the MTSS framework eases both operational and funding challenges. The districts that are taking this approach are seeing real benefits: better outcomes for students, fewer implementation challenges and more cohesive experiences for students.”

“Successfully Integrating High-Impact Tutoring Into MTSS Framework” will take place on February 28, 2024, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT. Interested attendees can get more information and register for the edWebinar at

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