Great Voices for Pre K-12 Education

By Larry Jacobs

Wanna hear some great thoughts by great teachers?

Listen to Chris Gleason, a music teacher who is an instrumental music educator at Patrick Marsh Middle School in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He is the 2017 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year, 2017 semi-finalist for the GRAMMY Music Educator Award and the first Wisconsin teacher to be named a finalist for National Teacher of the Year in 50 years… and he comes from a family of tuba-playing music educators.

In 2019, School Band and Orchestra Magazine named Gleason one of the nation’s “50 Directors Who Make a Difference AND ON THE SAME PODCAST WE HAD Kathy Purviance-Snow from Snohamish, WA, a social studies teacher with an emphasis on economics and career education . See that name ‘Purviance’— Kathy has a family connection to Edna Purviance, who was a great silent film actress way, way back in the earliest days of filmmaking, and was a co-star in 33 films with Charlie Chaplin.

Both are nominated for honors by the NEA Foundation. Listen to them speak out about what education means today at


And learn also about a new course designed to help people communicate about vaccine hesitancy. We highlighted a new, free, hour-long course from Johns Hopkins (available here on doing just that: communicating to those with virus hesitancy. With schools dropping mask mandates … well, that’s good in my opinion, BUT… them there little viruses are still out there looking for nests (i.e., you or the guy standing next to you) Hence, it’s still pretty important to get the word out there re vaccines. Can’t convince everybody, but it sure is worth a try.

Listen to our interview with the course leader Dr. Ruplai Limaye here.

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